Your Parks & Trails

Thousands of acres.
Miles and miles of trails.

It all belongs to you.

We don’t mean to be pushy but…Get out here! We all need a little push sometimes, so, we hope you forgive us. Your parks and trails have an amazing crew who are out here every day making sure you have the coolest, best backyard in the country. Which you do. Because your parks and trails are awesome. And you should go all the time. To as many places as you can. Wondering how you can make your backyard even AWESOMER? There are lots of ways – check ’em out.

Are you a plan-aheader or a suddenly-gotta-go biker?

We love both kinds.

We mostly hate to brag. That’s a Midwest thing. But, when it comes to Greene County’s Bike Trails, we gotta say, it’s hard to resist.

Your Greene County bike trails include the HUB for the Miami Valley Trails Network. It’s the largest paved trail network in the country.

Xenia Station, just south of downtown Xenia is the center of it all. Four out of five of our trails connect so you can get from North to West to South to East – all along the bike trail.

We’re planning a bike ride through Greene County and will need a good spot to rest. What’s available along the way?

You can find a list of accessible parks for each of our five trails on our Cycling page.

Greene County Bike Path Updates

Crack sealing will be taking place across the bike ways through out the county, weather permitting. Crews will be covering approximately three miles a day. We ask that bike path users avoid these areas when possible, and do not bypass any caution or closure signs. Please share this with anyone who may be affected so they can plan accordingly.

  • Wed., Oct 21: WBHPB in Fairborn (Kaufman Ave) Zink r. to Marl Rd. and Central Ave. to Col. Glen 3.2 mi
  • Thurs., Oct 22 through Sun., Oct 25: Little Miami Scenic trail Church St. in Xenia to Yellow Spring Fairfield Rd. in Yellow Springs 10mi
  • Mon., Oct. 26 through Tues., Oct. 27: Little Miami Scenic trail Xenia Station-Hedges Rd. 4mi
  • Wed., Oct. 28 through Thurs., Oct 29: Xenia Jamestown Connector Jasper Rd. in Xenia to Frank Seaman Park Spur in Jamestown 6.64mi
  • Fri., Oct. 30 through Sun., Nov. 1: Xenia Jamestown Connector Sycamore St. in Jamestown to Co. Line near Rosemore Rd. 4.24mi

Please stay tuned for any changes or updates regarding this maintenance schedule. Limited work on weekends based on higher traffic.

Your Trails

Creekside Trail
(11.7 miles)

Wright Brothers-Huffman Prairie Bikeway
(4.6 miles)

Ohio to Erie Trail
(14.0 miles)

Little Miami Scenic Trail
(15.9 miles)

Xenia-Jamestown Connector
(15.5 miles)

You can get on your trails from just about anywhere. Check out this map and plan your short, long, and milestone rides today.

Public trails for the public

Motorized wheelchairs can access all paved bike paths without a permit. If you have an impairment that requires another form of motorized transportation, please download and fill out the Electric Vehicle Request and we’ll respond as quickly as we can! We want everyone to enjoy the trails so if you have any questions, please call or email us today at 937-562-6440 or
Electric Bicycles
Electric assist bicycles (“e-bikes”) offer many benefits to individuals with disabilities, senior cyclists, and bicycle commuters. For these reasons, safe, courteous, and responsible use of Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes is welcomed on Greene County’s Bike Trails. Please visit the Miami Valley Trails Electric Bicycles page for more information.