Park and Trail Closures

Caesar Ford Park

Whole park closures
  • June 24
  • July 1-2
  • August 5-7
  • August 25-27
  • September 8-10
  • September 16-17
  • September 23
Disc Golf Course Closures
  • July 22 – Holes 1, 10 & 18
  • Sept 30 – Hole 18

CFP Horse parking area closed starting 09/06/22. Riders may use last row of the CFP parking lot for trailer parking.

NOTE: intermittent closures may occur during campground construction.



Creekside Trail

Starting 04/01/23, The Ohio Department of Transportation and the City of Riverside will begin a project improving Woodman Drive over US 35 and north of US 35. The work will close a portion of Creekside Trail on both sides of Woodman Avenue, and is scheduled to be completed by 01/31/24. The construction contractor will build a new connection from the trail to Obie Street, east of Woodman Ave. on about 03/30/23. The detour will take effect soon after that connection is completed. From there detour rides on streets, mostly through residential neighborhoods, and crosses Woodman Drive on Burkhardt Road. The detour meets back up with the trail in the vicinity of the new Kroger (old K-Mart). For more information, see the Miami Valley Trails website

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