There’s more to competition than just winning.

Okay, fine. It’s all about winning.

We kid, of course. Playing sports is one of the most fun ways to enjoy the outdoors. Football, soccer, baseball and softball, disc golf and more – our athletic fields and open parks host it all from group get-togethers to regional soccer tournaments.

Most of us want to be healthy and participating in active sports is certainly a great way to maintain good physical health. With that said, what we know from experience and from those who use our parks is that the real benefits are all about having a whole lot of fun! Make time this weekend – or all year – to feel the exhilaration and satisfying exhaustion that comes from rounding the bases, hitting the back of the net, or bangin’ the chains at one of your Greene County parks!


Amenities Key
Drinking Water
Handicap Access
Picnic Area

We bring the games to you

Fairgrounds Recreation Center
  • Home of the Xenia Soccer Club
  • Home of the Xenia High School and Xenia Christian School tennis teams
  • Home of the Greene County Horseshoe Club
Frank Seaman Park
  • Home of Jamestown Youth Softball Baseball
  • Home of Greeneview High School Tennis
  • Home of Jamestown SAY soccer
  • Home of Jamestown Youth Football
Twin Towers Park
  • Home of DARTS
  • Home of the OKI Gazehounds