Warblers, rabbits, and bass...

…Oh, MY!


We are imposing a limit of one family household per campsite. There is also a predetermined maximum occupancy level for each campsite (never more than 10).

No lions, tigers, and bears around here. Just many other – friendlier – varieties of wildlife that will be your roommates when you camp in Greene County. Our beautiful woods and prairies, streams and rivers are your living room where you – oh, Adventurous One – can go off-grid. Head out with family for night or with friends for the weekend.

With access to our bike trails, you can go from home to camp and back again without starting a single engine.

All camping sites are primitive – no electricity or running water.
Camping Permit

Can I bring my RV to any of your camping areas?

All of our campsites are primitive, but if you’re interested in dry camping without water or electric hookups, call us! We’ll help you find the perfect spot.

Stargazers and moonlight ramblers

Fall asleep to “iCrickets” instead of iTunes.
Make your reservation today at one of GCP&T's beautiful parks.