Outdoor Enthusiasts

Delighted. Enthused. Crazed. Obsessed.

We welcome all levels.

There are as many choices for outdoor activities as there are people. From hobbies to obsessions, from rigorous activity to calm reflection. You have access to pursue just about any kind of activity that interests you… right in your own backyard. Well, we may not be able to accommodate demolition derby folks. Or ostrich racing aficionados. Or surfers. Fine – but we definitely cover everything else.


Local honey is, of course, more delicious than honey from Cleveland… or Iowa. It’s also really good for you. Get involved in beekeeping at these Reserves:

Interested in keeping bees yourself? Contact Greene County Beekeepers Association to learn more!


You can hike or canoe your way through your journey – on your own or join us for a guided tour. Some of our favorite spots include:

Children’s play areas

Get your kids out of the house today…and tomorrow… and this weekend!


Visit James Ranch Park today for a relaxing stroll through their gardens. Call us today to learn more!


Nature’s scavenger hunt

Round up your friends and your GPS and cache the day away…just watch out for muggles! Our parks are home to some amazing caches. Check out some of our favorites found at Indian Mound Reserve, Narrows Reserve or even the night cache at Caesar Ford Park!

Interested in hiding and maintaining your own in one of our parks? Register your cache with us today! (PDF Download)

For questions about your permit, contact Ashlee Schmitt.

New to geocaching? Please visit geocaching.com to get started.


One of the unique features of Twin Towers Park is the wide open area we’ve created for glider enthusiasts. Whether you’re into the competitive scene, or just looking for an afternoon of blissful soaring, you’ll find all the space you need right here.

AMA Sanctioned Model Aircraft Flying Field Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Horseback riding

Equestrians and riders of all kinds can enjoy great rides around Twin Towers Park and the newly opened trails at Caesar Ford Park where there are close to 10 miles of trails.

Rent the event spaces and horse facilities at Twin Towers Park. Call or email us to learn more about availability and pricing.

Painting and drawing

You have art studios all over Greene County. Why box yourself in when you can paint, draw, and get inspired by calm woods, rolling prairies, and rivers teeming with life?

Call us today with any questions – we’d love to see you on the lake, by the stream, or in the garden creating your next masterpiece!


Family, friends, trees, bees, and streams – we have some amazing photographers in Greene County inspiring us with the way they capture beautiful landscapes, adorable animals, funny faces, amazing feats, and lazy rivers.

Whether you bring professional equipment or your smart phone – make sure you capture the moments that matter the most.

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