Clifton Reserve & Lodge

Strategic plans to wedding plans

Inspire your next event or celebration.

We’re gonna crush the competition!

Nestled on the Little Miami Scenic River, your next company retreat will inspire your team with a much needed and refreshing break from the mundane corporate session. Spread out your team meetings across ten acres of the pristine state and national scenic Little Miami River. Fire up a grill for a team-prepared delicious lunch. And come away with the most amazing, groundbreaking, game-changing, life-altering ideas to grow your company…and a team inspired to make it all happen!

I didn’t even mind crazy Aunt Sally!

From birthdays to reunions to weddings, Clifton Reserve & Lodge is perfect. Small enough to be intimate. Enough space to keep your conversations with Aunt Sally to a minimum! The large deck around the lodge is perfect for feeding everyone. The state and national scenic Little Miami Scenic River is an amazing backdrop for committing your lives to each other.

And there’s plenty of room for birthday games – from balloon tosses to pinatas and space to run around.

Clifton Reserve & Lodge
2762 S. River Road
Clifton, OH 45316

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