Some call us crazy.

We just need our cycle therapy.

There’s nothing like two wheels and an open trail.

It looks like Greene County is the hub for lots of great trails. Can I get more details about connectors?

You bet! Check out MVRPC’s Miami Valley Bikeways map.

62 miles of paved trails in Greene County connect you from the North, South, East and West. Five different trails – unlimited adventure. Your backyard has everything you need to get going on the largest paved trails network in the nation. Yes, the nation.

Staging areas provide access to our trails, so get ready to park and pedal!

Trail Staging Areas

Creekside Trail
  • 5/3 Gateway Park – Dayton-Xenia Rd. east of I-675 overpass, Beavercreek
  • Beavercreek Station – 1153 N. Fairfield Rd., Beavercreek
  • James Ranch Park
  • Fairgrounds Recreation Center
  • Sol Arnovitz Park – 436 Towler Rd., Xenia
  • Xenia Station – 150 S. Miami Ave., Xenia
Wright Brothers-Huffman Prairie Bikeway
  • Central Park – 300 S. Central Ave., Fairborn
  • Access from Wright State University via Wright State Rd. at Kauffman Ave.
Ohio to Erie Trail
  • Massie Creek Park at Barber Rd.
  • Cedarville Community Park at East St.
  • Access from Central State University via Campus Dr. at US Rt. 42
  • Xenia Station– 150 S. Miami Ave., Xenia
Little Miami Scenic Trail
  • Old Town Reserve
  • Glady Run Staging Area – 2381 Bellbrook Ave., Xenia
  • Xenia Station – 150 S. Miami Ave., Xenia
  • Access from Shawnee Park – 591 S. Park Dr., Xenia
  • Yellow Springs Station – 101 Dayton St., Yellow Springs
  • Bryan Center – 100 Dayton St., Yellow Springs
Xenia-Jamestown Connector
Xenia Station
  • Just south of downtown Xenia is the center of it all. Four out of five of our trails connect so you can get from North to West to South to East – all along the bike trail.

Of course, you can begin anywhere… but be sure to check out our map of the GCP&T Trails. To get the even bigger picture, see the Miami Valley Trails map.


Crack sealing will be taking place across the bike ways through out the county, weather permitting. Crews will be covering approximately three miles a day. We ask that bike path users avoid these areas when possible, and do not bypass any caution or closure signs. Please share this with anyone who may be affected so they can plan accordingly.

  • Wed., Oct 21: WBHPB in Fairborn (Kaufman Ave) Zink r. to Marl Rd. and Central Ave. to Col. Glen 3.2 mi
  • Thurs., Oct 22 through Sun., Oct 25: Little Miami Scenic trail Church St. in Xenia to Yellow Spring Fairfield Rd. in Yellow Springs 10mi
  • Mon., Oct. 26 through Tues., Oct. 27: Little Miami Scenic trail Xenia Station-Hedges Rd. 4mi
  • Wed., Oct. 28 through Thurs., Oct 29: Xenia Jamestown Connector Jasper Rd. in Xenia to Frank Seaman Park Spur in Jamestown 6.64mi
  • Fri., Oct. 30 through Sun., Nov. 1: Xenia Jamestown Connector Sycamore St. in Jamestown to Co. Line near Rosemore Rd. 4.24mi

Please stay tuned for any changes or updates regarding this maintenance schedule. Limited work on weekends based on higher traffic.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Greene County Parks & Trails at or 937-562-6440.

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