Shelter Rules

The use of confetti/glitter is prohibited.

Permit holders are responsible for clean-up including, but not limited to: disposal of trash into trash receptacles, removal of decorations caused by rental activities.

Excessive trash left in a shelter after a reservation is prohibited. We suggest you bring a broom and extra trash bags. Please be sure to place ALL trash in trash receptacles, tie up trash bags if overflowing to keep trash from blowing around the park, and leave shelter clean upon your departure or a fine will be imposed.

The use of tape, nails, screws, or staples are not permitted on light poles, walls or the pavilion structure.

Any and all arts and crafts done will REQUIRE table coverings. Permit holder will be required to pay for all damages, losses, and costs associated with excessive clean up and repairs.

Permit applicants should be aware that the shelter is located within a public park. Shelter rental does not guarantee the restricted use of green space, parking lot, portable toilet, or any other amenity at the park.

No vehicles are permitted on the grass or sidewalks.

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all parks.

Inflatables will be permitted on a case-by-case basis. Please call the main office for approval.

No refunds for cancellations within 30 days of event; a processing fee of ten $10.00 dollars will be retained if cancelled before 30 days. Weather is not considered a valid reason for cancellations.


Download Shelter Rules (PDF)

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