Twin Towers Park

Horses, hounds, and gliders, oh my!

Twin Towers is a horse’s playground.

Twin Towers has everything you need to experience the joy of riding and caring for your horse. Constructed on 102 acres, Twin Towers is equipped with:

  • A 27 stall barn (four stalls always open for drop-ins)
    *available for rent
  • Grass-based stadium ring
  • Judging stand
  • Dressage rings (2) with judging booth
  • Cross country course (includes water jump and bank complex).
  • Stadium jump course
Must love dogs.

The expansive park has plenty of room for a walk with man’s best friend, hosting a dog show or racing gazehounds.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a glider!

One of the more unique features of Twin Towers Park is the wide open area we’ve created for glider enthusiasts. Whether you’re into the competitive scene, or just looking for an afternoon of blissful soaring, you’ll find all the space you need right here.

Additional amenities onsite include a shelter, flush restrooms, as well as a rentable concession room.

Home of DARTS and the OKI Gazehounds!

Facility Reservations

Shelter Rules

Having a big event that needs a lot of land and plenty of parking?

Twin Towers is your place!

Contact us to find out more.
Twin Towers Park
501 Yellow Springs-Fairfield Road
Bath Township, OH 45324

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