When’s the last time you had your breath taken away?

Witness the extraordinary biodiversity at Pearl’s Fen.

Pearl’s Fen is now open to the public!

What is a fen, anyway? That’s a fair question. And here’s the answer: A fen is one of the rarest wetlands classes and contains a very high diversity of plant and animal life. In many cases, these plants and animals live nowhere else. Their unique makeup produces organic peat soil – sometimes as much as six feet deep – which acts as a natural water purification system.

So what, you ask? If you are a botanist or teach any type of biology, we’ll bet you’d like to get your students out here to study everything about Pearl’s Fen. If you don’t know much about biology, then we encourage you to go to the Fen because it’s like no other natural setting you’re likely to see. It’s an amazing view of plants – flowering and otherwise. And if you take your time, you’ll be able to see some amazing critters and birds as well.

Armed with your camera you can capture some amazing photos. Bring your friends or your children, and you’ll collect memories and stories for years to come.



Preserving our precious places.

Join your neighbors for some feel-good-do-what-matters activities.

Get involved with some of Greene County’s coolest people, working together to benefit all of us. We also encourage you to contact BW Greenway Community Land Trust, organizations that care for more than 500 acres of permanently preserved areas – which include some of the area’s finest natural treasures.

Pearl’s Fen
4535 Byron Rd.
Fairborn, OH 45324

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