Sara Lee Arnovitz Nature Preserve

Bird watching, nature photography, and hiking

Bring your imagination. Leave with your eyes wide open.

If you’re looking for ways to have fun, interesting, or surprising conversations with your children, the Arnovitz Preserve is a perfect place to do it. There are few better ways to combat our far-too-rational, routine-laden adult lives than to take your child and a couple of his (or her) friends to Arnovitz. They’ll help you see our natural world with fresh eyes. You’ll remember what it’s like to be fascinated and come home with a dozen stories to tell. More than that, your son or daughter will have a dozen stories to tell you!

Surprised boy at Sara Arnovitz Preserve

A field trip right in your back yard

Elementary to higher education, projects to research studies

Contact us today to discuss ideas and opportunities to engage your students in a field trip to Arnovitz Preserve… or any of the dozen places around Greene County that showcase and celebrate our diverse natural beauty.

Sara Lee Arnovitz Nature Preserve
350 Kinsey Road
Xenia, OH 45385

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Activities at Sara Arnovitz Preserve

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