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2,000 years old and still creating lasting memories

Nestled among woodlands North of Xenia is Greene County’s contribution to the Adena culture – the Kinsey Road Mound, one of the few mounds with a circular embankment that remain in good condition. An ancient native American civilization, the Adenas produced amazing contributions to pottery and jewelry, early agriculture and ceremonial memorialization.

If you’re an educator or interested parent, contact us to learn how we can support your efforts to use Kinsey Road Mound as a backdrop for a range of subjects – art, spiritual practices, tool making and ancient domestic life.

Beyond the historical and educational features, you’ll  be enchanted by the opportunities to embrace nature. Escape to play in the creek or take a 10-15 minute hike on the loop trail during your lunch break or after dinner.

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Kinsey Road Mound
965 Mound Court
Xenia, OH 45385

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Kinsey Road Mound is just one of dozens of locations around Greene County available for you and your students to be active learners. Contact Robin today!


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