Nite Owlz: Capture the Flag

Russ Nature Reserve 2380 Kemp Road, Beavercreek

Is it the best game ever? We're gonna find out! We'll play several versions of capture the flag in the woods, so bring your friends and team up to win. […]

GTO: Battle Royale

Russ Nature Reserve 2380 Kemp Road, Beavercreek

Who among you can be the last one standing? Sneak through the woods, search for advantages hidden in the park, and ambush friend and foe alike to win in a […]

Lantern Hike

Caesar Ford Park 520 South Stringtown Road, Xenia

Let the subtle light of your very own lantern lead you through the trails of Caesar Ford Park. We will begin by punching whimsical designs into tin can lanterns with […]

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