Open Fire Cooking Series

Delicious recipes cooked over an open flame in a park environment? Where can you cook a 3-course meal for two for $25 with a trained chef in a fun park setting? Well, Caesar Ford Park of course!

Thanks for all of your support through our 2021 cooking series. You helped make our 4-part series so popular that we decided to offer a 5th in September! It was wonderful to spend 5 fun-filled evenings with you at Caesar Ford Park learning new recipes, dusting off cooking skills, sharing delicious food, and making new friends!

Ranger Fouts (AKA Chef Tim) along with his sous-chefs Darrell and Jason, enjoyed having the opportunity to serve you in a whole new way while showing off some of their culinary talents. The theme nights were a big hit and we’re already thinking about what to include in 2022! For those of you not able to attend, here were our theme nights this year.


See the Asian Fusion recipe book from 2021:

Stay tuned for the 2022 Open Fire Cooking series!

We'd love to hear from you...if you attended and have feedback about the events or even if you would like to help us kick-start our programming ideas/themes for next year. Check out our survey below!

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