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Your guides to outside.

Jared Merriman

Naturalist / Programmer

Jared has been with GCPT for six years and counting. He takes being a naturalist with the park system to another level when it comes to the program offerings. He is passionate about birds and nature and is able to utilize that in his everyday duties. He is the lead for the birding programs, nest monitoring as well as the Great Ohio Games. Jared is always assisting in our larger events that include Wiggle Worms, Pumpkin Glow and many more.

One of the best things Jared loves about the parks is the capability to bring people together for various activities from hiking, to disc golf, to enjoying quiet moments with the ones you love in a garden or forest.

His favorite park is anything next to a stream. Riparian zones impact our lives immeasurably and are a beautiful resource. He loves walking and sitting by them; it brings him joy and peace of mind.

His hopes for the future are that our children and future generations get the opportunity to create a community that is deeply connected to both each other and the ecosystems around us.



Mel Grosvenor

Naturalist / Programmer

GCPT is lucky enough to say that Mel has been a crucial part of the naturalist program for over 16 years! Not only does she execute multiple school programs in the local community, she also leads the sugar maple program and the annual Pancakes in the Park. You will see her participating in our larger community events year long.

She is adding a new adventure to her repertoire by becoming a local ambassador for Ever Walk with Victoria Price starting in 2020. The walks will highlight some of the 100s of acres in the GCPT system. Including her favorite, Indian Mound Reserve. The beautiful landscape provides views of the Cedar Cliff falls, the gorge and is living history all in one park.

Not only does Mel love nature, she loves all things creepy and crawling. She turns this passion into art when it comes to assisting in our events and finding new ways to incorporate it into fun activities. Especially carving pumpkins for Pumpkin Glow each year. For the future Mel hopes that the next generations will continue the efforts in protecting natural areas and find value in enjoying the outdoors.


Ashlee Schmitt

Events & Programming Supervisor

GCPT wouldn’t be the same without Ashlee. She has made an impact in our community for over 13 years. Not only does she lead the fishing derby at Spring Lakes, she is also a canoe and kayaking instructor. You can also find her at running school programs, summer camps and events throughout the year.

Ashlee has no shortage of energy which makes her the go-to girl when it comes to all things outdoors. In her free time, you’d find her doing things she would be doing on the job. Hiking the Indian Mound or Crooked Creek just enjoying time out in nature. Whether its being behind the camera, hiking a new trail or taking a tropical trip to snorkel – Ashlee is always up for a new adventure. Her positivity and love for exploring is infectious.

Her hopes for the future is that others will take the time away from technology and enjoy a little Vitamin N {Vitamin Nature}.


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