About GCP&T

Actually, it’s not about us.

Everything about GCP&T is about YOU.

We set the bar high to deliver Personal Community Stewardship.

Personal, because we’re interested in you – and each of our Greene County customers – and how we can support your decisions to live your best life.

Community, because we see community as much more than just property and municipal boundaries. We engage communities of all kinds – from sports teams to enthusiast groups and so many more.

Stewardship, because we see our jobs as much more than how we earn a living. More than your parks and trails, we’re stewards of your interests. Of your desire to raise your family well. Of how you choose to establish a great company culture. Of how you can be an active and engaged citizen and neighbor.

Every decision we make is led by two priorities:

  1. Will this decision help our customers get out to enjoy more of their parks and trails? And enjoy them more often?
  2. Will this decision inspire more citizens and their families to work with us? Will more people volunteer to educate our area children? Join groups who use the parks and trails? Will this decision help inspire them to feel like co-owners and seek ways to help us make our parks and trails the best and most outstanding backyard in the country?

Download a PDF with lots of details about all our parks and trails! It contains a county map, addresses, list of amenities you’ll find at each location, and much more!

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Because you approved Greene County Parks & Trail levies in 2015 and 2019, the park agency has been able to make significant investments in your parks and trails network. Don't forget, it all belongs to you!


Ohio Parks and Recreation Association named Greene County Parks & Trails the winner of first place awards in both the Law Enforcement and Capital Improvement categories of their 2020 Annual Awards of Excellence.




In recognition of his lifelong dedication to parks and the outdoors, Jon Dobney received OPRA’s 2019 Harvey Woods Lifetime Achievement Award.


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Life can be relentless. We all need time and space to recuperate, refresh, and re-energize.

And this is where we come in. GCP&T is much more than just a job to us. We want you to come to your parks and move along your trails as often as you want. As often as you need.

We should all work to live….not live to work.

Want to help improve GCP&T with a financial donation?

Now you can, through Greene Giving. Just visit their online donation form, add your donation amount, choose Specific account/charity, specify GCP&T as shown below, then complete your contact information.

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Thousands of acres. Miles and miles of trails. It’s all yours. Think of us as caring for your backyard.

We want you to breathe deep enough to float. Smile wide enough to make you cry. See and hear things that give you chills. Laugh so much that you embarrass yourself. Sweat your teeth off. Play until you feel guilty.

Whatever you need to do to feel like you’re living. Come…and jump, sit, cast, pedal, float – or walk or run or cartwheel – to your heart’s content.

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