The home of Summer Fest!


  • The main gate is closed and will remain closed until the first of the year.
  • All baskets for disc golf around the amphitheater and close to light displays are being removed.
  • Parking outside of the locked gate may result in a ticket.

This is what happens when a county full of active citizens decides they’re ready for more fun.

Caesar Ford Park is back! Thanks to YOU, we’ve restored and rebuilt the Caesar Ford amphitheater, the dining pavilion, gift shop and restrooms. Much more than a face lift, Caesar is full of anticipation for a new generation of event goers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Even more cool things to do!

Miles and miles of trails!

We’ve installed 10 miles of multi-purpose trails throughout Caesar Ford Park for mountain bikes, horses, or just a beautiful hike. Don’t worry, you can also access the paved bike trails via the Xenia-Jamestown Connector that goes right through the park.

Disc golf – now open!

Caesar Ford has a family friendly 18-hole disc golf course. Time to grip ‘n rip, get some tree love, and bang the chains. Experience the brand new championship 18-hole disc golf course custom designed by pro disc golfer, Gary Dropcho.

Tons of fun events!

Check out our Open Fire Cooking series.

Facility Reservation



I love Caesar Ford Park! There’s so much to do here. Is there a trail map so I don’t get lost?

We’re in the process of plotting all the trails in the park with GIS. Once we have that data, we’ll develop a trail map and post it here. Thanks for your patience!

All of this was made possible by you

through the Greene County Parks & Trails Levy. And all of it belongs to you!

Caesar Ford Park
520 South Stringtown Road
Xenia, OH

Look no further than Caesar Ford Park to hold your next event or performance. Lighted parking, amphitheater, shelter for over 200, flush restrooms and a beautiful natural setting.

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