Roughin’ It!

Caesar Ford Park 520 South Stringtown Road, Xenia

Cooking over an open fire, tossing a tomahawk, and building your own shelter are all included in this week of outdoor adventure. Each camper will also receive their very own pocket knife. Campers will spend Thursday night with us at a camp out at Caesar Ford. Tents, dinner, snack, and breakfast will be provided during […]



Narrows Reserve 2575 Indian Ripple Road, Xenia

This camp will make you want to stomp like a stegosaurus, fly like a pterosaur, and roar like a T-Rex! Every day will be filled with Dino-sized fun as campers […]


Pups on a Mission

James Ranch Park 177 Fairground Road, Xenia

What are those famous pups up to now? Join us for another in-person mission along with Ryder and the pups from Paw Patrol. Will you be able to help them […]

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