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The Vista Trail is closed until construction on the new stairs is complete. Please respect this closure as it is only temporary.

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September 25: Disc golf hole 10 (noon – 11 pm)
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Greene County, Ohio – Saturday, February 6th

Charles E. Dressler (Ed) passed away at the age of 82 on January 9th, 2021. The funeral has been scheduled for February 6th, 2021 at Jackson Lytle Lewis Funeral Home, 322 West Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs, OH from 11am – 1pm. With COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations in mind, the service will be private due to limited seating.

Following the celebration of life, the procession line, led by the Greene County Parks & Trails Ranger division, will be utilizing the Little Miami Scenic Trail portion of the bike way in between Yellow Springs and Xenia, ending at his final resting place at Woodland Cemetery in Xenia, Ohio. The bike trail will not be closed during this time, but we are asking any patrons to be mindful during this time and to please stop to the side. “Using the bike path just makes sense in honor of the father of the bike paths,” said Jon Dobney, GCPT Director.

All are welcome to be part of the procession to Woodland Cemetery-Xenia, traveling on the bike trails Ed created. The procession will be getting on the trails at Grinnell Road and will be getting off at Old Springfield Pike, led by the Greene County Park Rangers. The service will be livestreamed on the Jackson Lytle and Lewis Life Celebration Center Facebook page, starting promptly at 1:00 pm. Guests who still want to be part of the procession may watch the service from your vehicles. (There is public wifi available in Yellow Springs that you may connect to in order to stream the service without data). We will be preparing to begin the procession around 2:20 pm. A walk-through visitation will be open to all beginning at 11:00 am, but please understand we will be limiting the amount of guests in the building at one time. Please follow proper social distancing guidelines and facial coverings are mandatory. Thank you for your cooperation.

A proposal to dedicate a portion of the Greene County bike path in Ed’s memory is in consideration.




Join the GCP&T Trail Sentinels for a moonlight ride along the region’s bike trails. GCP&T Trail Sentinels are an elite volunteer group who patrol the trails and coordinate several cycling events. All night riders must be 18 and older, wear a helmet and have lights on their bikes. Rides will be cancelled in the event of a thunderstorm. Incentives will be offered to those participants who complete 132 or 265 available miles.

During the COVID-19 situation, we ask all riders to space apart at least 6-10 feet, wear masks, and avoid physical contact.

Registration requested, walk-ins welcome. For more information, call 937-562-6440.

2020 Cycling Events


Apr 18

Old Town Reserve to Young's Dairy (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID)

18 miles


May 16

Xenia Station to Fifth-Third Gateway Park (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID)

20 miles


May 30

Xenia Station to McDonald’s, Jamestown (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID)

22 miles


June 13

24 miles


June 27

14 miles


July 11

17 miles


Sep 12

24 miles


Sep 26

14 miles


Oct 10

17 miles

GCP&T headquarters and all parks and playgrounds are open to guests. Office hours are 8am-4pm.

Guests who are not vaccinated are aksed to wear masks when visiting our offices and any enclosed spaces. Please call 937-562-6440 with any questions.

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