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Little Miami Scenic Trail / Ohio-to-Erie Trail


Bike Trail Etiquette (PDF)

The 9.27-mile multi-purpose trail running from Xenia Station south through Spring Valley to the Warren County line is a section of both the Little Miami Scenic Trail and the Ohio-to-Erie Trail. Leaving Xenia Station, riders quickly cross Cincinnati Avenue (U.S. 42) and Industrial Boulevard, then pass under U.S. 35. From here, a meandering creek roughly parallels the trail all the way to Spring Valley.

A couple of miles from Xenia Station there is a spur to Wright Cycle Estates, then a spur to Glady Run, a convenient staging area on Bellbrook Avenue with plenty of parking but no additional facilities. Three quarters of a mile further, the Hedges Road crossing marks the southern boundary of Greene County Parks and Trail management.

South of Hedges Road

The 3 miles south of Hedges Road feature a gradually descending grade through a serene "green tunnel" of foliage in the summer months.

Spring Valley

Entering Spring Valley, riders can easily access Walton Park by turning right onto Walnut Street, then left just a half block later. The park provides parking, a picnic shelter with tables, and restrooms. From Spring Valley, the trail passes under U.S. 42, then crosses Roxanna-New Burlington Road before entering the Spring Valley Wilderness Area.

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